MAR 05 2017

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May 10 2017

Carefree Capers: Shaping Up! [FINAL]

Carefree Capers: Shaping Up! [FINAL]

Carefree Capers: Shaping Up! [FINAL]| 158 MB
Help the main characters cope with their daily routine in the funny game Carefree Capers: Shaping Up! It’s high time for children to develop their skills such as growing vegetables, pouring them, and gathering the harvest. This is not the only task a child is going to do. There are lots of them: after gathering fruits and vegetables, children are to exchange them to food that is necessary for completing a goal. You are to play for Paulette and Josette, a hen and a cow, so feed them in time with healthy food, do exercises and get lots of rewards! With various types of meals, a special wheel is constantly filled in, so a child gets a chance to know what a balanced and healthy diet is. Play all types of games to help the main characters unlock new vegetables and fruits to crop in the marvelous game Carefree Capers: Shaping Up! 26 episodes lie ahead, so get ready for numerous tasks! Provide children with the animated game based on a popular series and help them check if they are smart enough to cope with interesting tasks and puzzles. As you can see, there is a great variety of them: it’s obligatory to be attentive to find the correct type of food and unlock other levels. The further you go, the more complicated the goals are and the less time a kid should spend to complete them. It’s important to keep in mind that if you gather the wrong type of food, you’ll have to start the task from the very beginning. Be active, lead the healthy way of life and you’ll be a success. You’ll get various food below in the bar, choose only healthy food for finishing the task, without soft drinks and potato chips – they are extremely harmful for people’s health. And don’t forget about daily exercises! Paulette and Josette are waiting for your help!

Nice graphics
Funny characters
Various tasks
Great game for kids!


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May 09 2017

Amber's Magic Shop UPDATE 2 [FINAL]

Amber's Magic Shop  UPDATE 2 [FINAL]
Amber's Magic Shop  UPDATE 2 [FINAL]
Amber's Magic Shop UPDATE 2 [FINAL]|78.6 MB
Winter Wolves Games proudly presents yet another astonishing work of visual novel art
A darker fairy tale: this time, the setting is much darker than in previous games.
Amber, a dark elf, was abandoned as baby in the woods south of Icesilia. She was found and raised by Vin, a witch, who decided she should become an alchemist. When Amber turned sixteen, Vin sent her to Icesilia as apprentice to the legendary mage Haros.

In the big town of Icesilia, she'll train and once she reachs adult age, become a master alchemist running her own shop, and along the way also meet interesting characters who might become something more than just friends:
Daniel, Haros' son, who wants to be a mage like his father but also trains in alchemy. In competition with Amber since young age, he'll need to be careful to not be consumed by his pride.
Bernard, a brave young man who wants to become a famous adventurer. Paranoid and ill-tempered, he'll need to learn to control himself to avoid doing things he might regret.
Lair, the son of the influent noble elf Arnor. Naïve but with good heart, suffers the bad influence of his arrogant father Arnor.
Ruby, a seductive young woman who turned vampire just recently, struggling to not lose the humanity still left in her.
Cosa and Anders, two mysterious silver-haired adventurers who will ask Amber's help, and might reveal themselves to be something more than they look.
Lynn, a cute elf who runs the herbalist shop with her mother. A marriage with a noble has been arranged for her, but she's not sure if she really wants it.

The game plays like an hybrid between a dating sim and a simulation game. Each choice will change Amber's (and her friends/love interests) alignment: there's Dark and Light. But be careful: dark and light doesn't mean wrong or right. There are no right or wrong choices in this game, though some endings are more sad and cruel than others!

The game features 4 different endings for each love interest, with some dark events/scenes never seen before in a Winterwolves' game. Play the game at your own risk! Unlock all the endings of a specific character to discover bonus pin-up images.

A 2017 VELOCITY exclusive RELEASE

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May 02 2017

Clockwise [FINAL]

Clockwise [FINAL]
Clockwise [FINAL]|560 mb
You seem to have landed in an endless dark hallway… or is it a house? – You don’t know. You keep progressing through obscure rooms, halls and areas passing the servants of darkness; Trying to solve the mysteries that are lying ahead of you. Will this nightmare ever end?
Dark atmosphere
Changing playthroughs
Classic riddles
A lot of dynamic interaction

Clockwise [FINAL]


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Apr 24 2017

Voodoo Vince [Remastered]

Voodoo Vince [Remastered]

Voodoo Vince [Remastered] | Release name: Voodoo.Vince.Remastered-RELOADED | Size 1.85GB
Genre: Action, Adventure | Developer: Beep Games, Inc. | Publisher: Beep Games, Inc.

he classic character platformer is back after 13 years and newly remastered! Help Vince run, jump and fight his way through cemeteries, swamps and an evil carnival as he seeks to save his creator Madam Charmaine from the clutches of Kosmo The Inscrutable.

Voodoo Vince [Remastered]

• Voodoo combat action: Players can employ more than 30 voodoo attacks that do outrageous things to Vince, but it’s the monsters who end up hurting! Unlike in other games, players must actually USE dangers and hazards, instead of running from them. Falling safes, prickly pushpins, and bolts of lightning bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “no pain, no gain.”
• Magical voodoo world: Thrust into the depths of a twisted and dangerous world, Vince must trek through 30 detailed levels, including crawfish-laden swamps, a graveyard filled with imps and lost zombies, a fantastic French Quarter, and a network of boggy sewers.
• Vehicles and minigames: As the game unfolds, Vince must master and pilot a number of vehicles, including a fanboat, a submarine, an airplane—and even a rat gives him a lift at one point. Vince must master one mind-bending minigame after another to complete his quest.
• Dynamic cast of characters: No adventure would be complete without its host of surly characters. Offbeat creatures with all the charm of New Orleans are around every corner. Vince encounters everything from Ginger Dead Men (who are not exactly sugar-coated) to a pair of intoxicated gas pumps that offer up a fiery challenge.

Voodoo Vince [Remastered]
Apr 23 2017

Doodle Mafia [FINAL]

Doodle Mafia [FINAL]
Doodle Mafia [FINAL]|59.9 mb
Doodle Mafia is the biggest “Doodle” game ever!

Over 500 puzzles to solve and items to create as you play the role of Crime Boss or Cop. You decide how you want to play as you play through multiple hard-nosed storylines & play modes.

As you build your Gang and make your fortune you must evade the Cops as well as fight off rival games in order to become the “Big Boss” of the City. In the “City” mode watch your Crime City come alive as you successfully pull off heists, escape the Cops or beat-off rival gangs. But you gotta watch your back because behind every corner there is a good Cop trying to make a name for himself or a rival Gangster trying to take your turf!
In the “Campaign” mode, nab the bad guys or pull off heists to build your fortune. Can you successfully rob the bank and escape the Cops? Are you tough enough to defeat the rival boss and be the Crime Big Boss of the City? We shall see how good you are…"
Remember: Crime Does Pay!
The biggest “Doodle” game ever!
OVER 500 Puzzles to Solve & Items to Create.
Play as a Gangers or Cop.
Watch your Crime City come alive as you play.
Multiple Game Modes and Storylines to play through.
Available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Chinese & Portuguese.


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Apr 21 2017

City Siege: Faction Island [FINAL]

City Siege: Faction Island [FINAL]
City Siege: Faction Island [FINAL]|34 MB

The ultimate 2D Physics War Game! Build your army with tanks, guns, spies, flame tanks and helicopters. Then embark on battles of mass destruction and tactical rescues. Bring peace to faction island by destroying all your enemies!

Your war starts with a single rifleman, but soon you'll be rolling into battle with tanks, flame throwers and hover crafts. Battle your way through various missions on Faction Island, all featuring destructable environments and dynamic as buildings fall down crushing your enemies and rewarding you with massive combos. Expand your army with cash earned from completed missions by buying more heavy weaponry or powerful airstrikes to deliver death from above bringing battles to an indiscriminate finale.

- Destructive and exciting gameplay
- Inter-faction fighting
- Combo system
- Upgradeable units to build your army


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Apr 19 2017

Marcus Level [FINAL]

Marcus Level [FINAL]
Marcus Level [FINAL]

Marcus Level [FINAL]| 210 MB
Marcus thought that while his parents were away, he could play his favorite videogame "Gorbar and The Valley of the Seven Light Towers".
Unfortunately, he got transported inside the videogame itself !
To avoid the Game Over and get a chance to come back to his world, Marcus will have to finish the game and free the Princess Aria from the villain Vipkrad.

Discover the universe of the Marcus Level cartoon through this challenging runner.
Collect all the Chokobongos, beware of the enemies and try to gather all the mirror shards!

All the universe of Marcus Level in an exclusive platform game
Explore 4 worlds through 20 levels
Magnet, Time, Heart and Loumi all the boosts to progress faster in the game
Win all the badges in each level
Become the best by winning all trophies
Unlock all the 20 artworks of the Gallery mode
Will you find all the secrets scattered in each world ?

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Apr 15 2017

Nasty Neighbours: No Picnic for Celebrity [FINAL]

Nasty Neighbours: No Picnic for Celebrity [FINAL]
Nasty Neighbours: No Picnic for Celebrity [FINAL]|193 MB
In a villa community live two striking personalities: Jonnie – a moving pictures visual FX professional and Paris - young self-complacent chick who is a host of glamorous talk show “The Celestials”.

The neighbors are in bad terms due to Paris's frequent laud night parties prevent Jonnie from getting enough sleep after a long working day. As he cannot stand all these crowds and night music anymore, Jonnie decides to stop it now and forever! He faces a difficult but an interesting task that requires all of his creative thinking – use pranks to make Paris stop having night parties.

Help Jonnie to have his revenge on glamorous Paris!
The famous series takes an unexpected turn – now the target of your pranks is a bitchy glamorous chick living next door!
You can use over 30 creative ways to drive the overweened snowwoman crazy!
Aftermaths of all your pranks persists through the whole game and can affect succeeding actions.
Excellent renewed visuals and sound effects.
An intuitive user-friendly interface ensures that all your pranks run smoothly.
Use all your creative thinking and have fun!

thanks lgames

Apr 14 2017

The Search [FINAL]

The Search [FINAL]
The Search [FINAL]|768 MB

Embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration in The Search – a story-driven puzzle-adventure set in a mysterious world where art comes to life!
In an unknown world, you’ll search for clues about the nature of this place, as well as your own past. Guided only by the letters of a mysterious stranger, you’ll find that this universe works differently from our own. It’s a world in which obstacles can be overcome by your own creativity – and where art comes to life to create tears in the fabric of reality.
Who wrote the letters that guide you? What is the nature of this surreal, enchanted universe? And why were you chosen to take this journey?

A short, story-driven puzzle-adventure
Uncover clues and solve inventive puzzles
Gorgeous 3D artwork and a haunting soundtrack
Voice acting from Cissy Jones (Firewatch, Life Is Strange)

The Search [FINAL]

Apr 06 2017

Matryoshka [BETA]

Matryoshka [BETA]
Matryoshka [BETA]
Matryoshka [BETA]| 176 MB
Matryoshka [BETA]Matryoshka [BETA]

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Matryoshka [BETA]
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